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  1. Обстоятельный обзор модели здесь
  2. At last, I can say: the first ready-made model flew across the ocean and fell into the owner's hands! Now you can see the bottom of the fully assembled model for the first time at the same time as the model owner. And here is something to look at: engine flywheel driving gear exhaust system cooling pipe chain drive springs radius rods steering system rods and even the linkage of the crank hole block mechanism and brake cables. A total of 69 separate parts hide under the frame of this baby! And most importantly: you can see each of them without removing the miniature from the stand. Especially for this, I made a clear window in the podium. Do you think such careful detailing is a must-have option for vintage models? You can let me know in the comments by writing a number: 1 — of course, this makes the model more attractive 2 — no, it's just a whim of the manufacturer
  3. Finally, I can show it. All 108 fragile parts of the 1/43 scale 1905 Cadillac Osceola are put together! It is a third more than its predecessor has — the 1918 Cadillac Type 57 Phaeton, which size is significantly larger (you can see the difference in the photo). The first Cadillac Osceola is already on the way to its owner, and more than ten models are booked. Let me remind you that the series is limited: it has only 25 copies, and only half of them remain available for ordering. VDM Models has already produced The color combination is bright and harmonious the second Cadillac model at the same time Cadillac had a sense of style in the first years Gold jewelry is also well suited to the Seminoles' leader of the twentieth century Those who like to examine the back Even the packaging repeats the color scheme will also find it a lot attractive of the Cadillac Osceola
  4. 1948 Cadillac Series 61 Club Coupe (Brooklin Models, England)
  5. And who is so small here? This "fork" under the wheel is the world's only throttle quadrant in the 1/43 scale. Next to him — a few more fragile babies: pedals, door handles, and a speed control lever. The hood and trunk handles, footrests with the inscription and the front axle bracing wire fit comfortably outside the model. The future owners of the Cadillac Osceola model will have a small quest: to find the details hidden in the glazed interior :) Clues you can see in the photos to this post.
  6. 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Club Coupe (Brooklin Models, England)
  7. Нет. Оба варианта по вместительности были в кузовах Sedan, Imperial Sedan, Formal Sedan, Town Sedan.
  8. A Formal Sedan had a large blind rear quarter, a division window and a leather covered roof. A Town Sedan had no leather covering and a smaller blind rear quarter. Another way of looking at it is that a Town Sedan had two windows if viewed from the side, while a regular sedan had three windows. (Vent windows don't count.)
  9. У меня есть парочка от Rextoys с кузовом Formal Sedan (разницы с Town Sedan так пока так и не понял), но это совсем другой уровень. Теперь Rextoys выбрасывать? А если такого кузова нет, то нечего и думать, надо брать. UPD: я уже знаю, чем отличается Formal Sedan от Town Sedan. Rextoys остаётся
  10. 1933 Cadillac Series 452-C Fleetwood Allweather Phaeton (NEO, China)
  11. Finally. It. Happened. The first model of the 1905 Cadillac Osceola — at the final stage of assembly! And it's mind-blowing :) Imagine that a super-compact model only 2½ inches long can hold more than a hundred small, meticulously executed parts! Of course, the photos can convey neither the smell of fresh paint, the relief of openwork parts, the feeling of the metal weight when you hold this tiny thing in the palm of your hand. But I'm sure you will appreciate the work quality.
  12. 1940 Cadillac Series 40-90 (V-16) Convertible Coupe top up (Brooklin Models, England)
  13. 1939 La Salle 2-doors Touring Sedan (Brooklin Models, England) 1939 La Salle 5-windows Coupe (Brooklin Models, England) 1940 La Salle Series 52 Convertible Coupe top down (Victory Models, France)
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