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  1. La Salle 1939 2-doors Touring Sedan (Brooklin Models, England)
  2. Many collectors expect to see my 1/43 scale model of 1905 Cadillac Osceola blue, as in the first photo. But in reality, it will be completely different. Why? Find out more. Whereas the body of Leland’s car has not changed for more than 100 years, the story of its color is more interesting. In 1906, Cadillac updated the standard color combination of its cars from Purple Lake (a deep wine color) to Brewster Green for the body panels; the earlier Primrose color used for the frame, axles, and wheels was replaced with Dark Carmine (a dark burgundy color with a slight purple ti
  3. Мне нравятся оба, но аккуратность, с какой сделан 1928, впечатляет чуть больше. Может, потому, что моделей этого периода мало, а с качественным исполнением — ещё меньше.
  4. Я бы не стал обобщать все модели фирмы. Их достаточно много, макетчики, наверняка, разные, поэтому чувствуется разный уровень моделирования. Фокусирую своё внимание на Кадиллаках, но по другим моделям вижу, что довольно часто встречаются нарушение пропорций, да и явные косяки. Например, такая мелочь на показанном выше Кадиллак 1939 года. Дополнительные фары очень уж большие. Я соглашусь, что на каком-то автомобиле, который взят за образец для моделирования, такие были установлены, но исследовать тенденции, взять наиболее типичное для того времени — не для быстрого массового производства. Тем б
  5. Cadillac 1941 Series 62 Convertible Coupe Cadillac 1941 Series 61 Club Coupe Cadillac 1941 Series 62 Coupe Cadillac 1941 Series 63 Sedan Cadillac 1941 Series 75 Limousine
  6. I recently wrote about the renewal of my old project — a single-cylinder Cadillac model. Suddenly I found an engine for this chassis at the flea market :) The device is in good condition — pay attention to details! It only needs to be painted and installed on the frame. Have you ever seen such engines on a 1/43 scale?
  7. 1941 Cadillac Series 61 Club Coupe (Victory Models, France)
  8. 1942 Cadillac Series 60 Special Town Brougham by Derham (Stamp Models, China)
  9. Work on the Cadillac Osceola scale model is coming to an end. More than 100 individual parts fit into a miniature less than two and a half inches long! Most of them I have to assemble before painting. The paint is already prepared, so today, you have the last chance to see the unpainted units on which the whole model is held. I make the Cadillac Osceola suspension from metal so that the car's reduced springs by 43 times, only 1 mm wide, can withstand the model weight. 15 parts of a suspension bracket are connected by the soldering in 18 places. Even in a reduced form, the Cadillac mod
  10. 1/43 Cadillac Osceola gets real fenders Henry Leland rumpled his Cadillac Osceola's fenders repeatedly. Therefore, the factory workers replaced them with new ones at least twice. Taken in different years, car photos evidence it. The fenders on the 1/43 scale Osceola model have a shape that corresponds to 1905. I make them almost just as they did for a real car. Just I use soldering instead of rivets :) Curved from metal with a thickness of only 0.2 mm, the fenders together the graceful brackets make the scale copy as close as possible to the original. Do you think they are similar?
  11. Skeleton from the cupboard Do you want the truth? I started making 1/43 Cadillac Osceola twenty years ago. I designed the frame and suspension details of the brass, then assembled and soldered each spring from separate sheets. But I had to abandon the project: I realized that I could not make the model as high quality as I would like. Today I returned to the old idea, starting from scratch. Fortunately, the latest technology allows you to make the model with a graceful suspension that preserves all the details of a real car and the body cov
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