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  1. Trofeu BMW 2002 ti Elan Racing Team Rallye Monte Carlo 1971 Walter Pöltinger, Hans Hartinger https://www.raceland.de/BMW-2002-ti-Elan-Racing-Team-Rallye-Monte-Carlo-1971
  2. Spark BMW M1 Garage du Bac Sadival Le Mans 1980 Fréderic Alliot, Jacques Guérin https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M1-Garage-du-Bac-Sadival-Le-Mans-1980
  3. Spark BMW M6 GT3 Team Studie x CSL GT300 Super GT Japan 2020 Seiji Ara, Tomohide Yamaguchi https://www.raceland.eu/BMW-M6-GT3-Team-Studie-x-CSL-GT300-Super-GT-Japan-2020
  4. Werk83 BMW M1 Procar #90 24h LeMans 1983 Prinz v. Bayern, Pallavicini, Winther
  5. Truescale BMW M4 GT3 BMW M Team WRT GTWC test Le Castellet November 2022 https://www.raceland.eu/BMW-M4-GT3-BMW-M-Team-WRT-GTWC-test-Le-Castellet-November-2022
  6. Spark BMW 318is E36 J.B. Racing Vaillante 24H Spa 1996 https://www.raceland.eu/BMW-318is-E36-J.B.-Racing-Vaillante-24H-Spa-1996 BMW 320 Gr.5 Turbo 3° Div.2 DRM Nürburgring Super Sprint 1978 https://www.raceland.eu/BMW-320-Gr.5-Turbo-3-Div.2-DRM-Nürburgring-Super-Sprint-1978
  7. Trofeu BMW 2002 ti 36° Rallye Monte Carlo 1973 https://www.raceland.eu/BMW-2002-ti-36-Rallye-Monte-Carlo-1973
  8. KK-Scale конец мая 2023 BMW 528i E39 Limousine 1995 schwarz BMW 540i E39 Limousine 1995 blaumetallic BMW 530d E39 Limousine 1995 silber
  9. Newcomer, well to us, MB is showing off their resin and sealed 1:18 Special Police Spin Dragon Anti-riot Armoured Vehicle. The release date is scheduled for June 2023 with a suggested retail of $365 US. We’re not sure how we feel about this one! https://diecastsociety.com/mb-special-police-spin-dragon-anti-riot-armoured-vehicle/
  10. Константин, приветствую! Можно сделать заказ до 4 мая? https://ck-modelcars.de/ru/minichamps-1-18-bmw-2800-cs-no15-5-24h-spa-1972-gaye-braillard-155722715/p-83265/ - 2 штуки https://ck-modelcars.de/ru/minichamps-1-18-bmw-m3-no2-24h-nuerburgring-1992-fina-motorsport-team-155922002/p-76006/ - 1 штука https://ck-modelcars.de/ru/minichamps-1-18-bmw-m3-evo-no22-dtm-1989-harald-grohs-155892022/p-75726/ - 1 штука https://ck-modelcars.de/ru/minichamps-1-18-bmw-m3-no44-2-1000-1987-jps-team-bmw-155872044/p-75672/ - 1 штука
  11. WERK83 BMW M1 BMW France Map Art Car Le Mans 1980
  12. TSM BMW M4 GT3 BMW M Team WRT Tests Circuit de Catalunya 2022 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M4-GT3-BMW-M-Team-WRT-Tests-Circuit-de-Catalunya-2022 BMW M Hybrid V8 BMW M Team RLL 24H Daytona IMSA 2023 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M-Hybrid-V8-BMW-M-Team-RLL-24H-Daytona-IMSA-2023 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M-Hybrid-V8-BMW-M-Team-RLL-6-24H-Daytona-IMSA-2023-2
  13. AutoCult BMW S1 (Deutschland 1949)
  14. Spark BMW M6 GT3 Studie Plus x CSL GT300 Super GT Japan 2021 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M6-GT3-Studie-Plus-x-CSL-GT300-Super-GT-Japan-2021 BMW M1 Castrol Le Mans 1984 https://www.raceland.eu/BMW-M1-Castrol-Le-Mans-1984 BMW M4 GT3 Team Studie x CSL GT300 Super GT Japan 2022 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M4-GT3-Team-Studie-x-CSL-GT300-Super-GT-Japan-2022
  15. Spark Sauber C9 Mercedes Sieger Le Mans 1989 https://www.raceland.de/Sauber-C9-Mercedes-Sieger-Le-Mans-1989 https://www.raceland.de/Sauber-C9-Mercedes-2-Le-Mans-1989 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Daimler Benz AG Le Mans 1952 https://www.raceland.de/Mercedes-Benz-300-SL-Daimler-Benz-AG-2-Le-Mans-1952 https://www.raceland.de/Mercedes-Benz-300-SL-Daimler-Benz-AG-Sieger-Le-Mans-1952-3 https://www.raceland.de/Mercedes-Benz-300-SL-Daimler-Benz-AG-Le-Mans-1952
  16. Не видел. С какого мероприятия фото?
  17. Top Speed Models BMW M Hybrid V8 BMW M Team RLL 24H Daytona IMSA 2023 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M-Hybrid-V8-BMW-M-Team-RLL-6-24H-Daytona-IMSA-2023
  18. Spark сентябрь 2023 BMW M1 Team Marlboro Le Mans 1980 https://www.raceland.de/BMW-M1-Team-Marlboro-Lacaud-15-Le-Mans-1980-1
  19. Подробная информация с ценником - https://www.motorfocus.com.au/product/118-repco-showtime-e30-m3-pro-touring-coupe-by-kustom-garage/
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