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  1. Yes, it's a resin model, very light. About the Lo3100 in red, someone can tell me (even by MP) where I could find one?
  2. @ Andy - Yes, I was wrong when I wrote, I'm looking just for a Lo3100 red like that. The Lg3000 I own is like that, only in red...and without the big star on the nose :( @ mb143 - I saw that one, there is even an ambulance bus, and they're very expensive as you wrote. I'll keep searching for the red one. Thank you all. Matt
  3. Hi all, My name's Matt, I'm from Italy, and' I'm a 1:43 Mercedes Benz collector (since I guess I'll never be able to collect 1:1 Mercedes :D ). I have many Mercedes models made by Vector, Alf or other firmas, expecially trucks and busses. It's been very long time since I've been looking for a 1:43 Mercedes L3100 bus in red livery, but I didn't find it anywhere, Can someone help me? Moreover, some months ago I bought a red Mercedes LG3000 (that's how it was called where I found it). It had no box and it seems to be a Vector. Does someone know more of it? Thank you all for your help, and forgive me for my bad English. Matt
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